About Us

The company’s beginning could be traced back to 1830, 310 years after Ferdinand Magellan discovered the Philippines in 1521. It was at that time when a young Spanish physician and apothecary named Lorenzo Negrao came to the Philippines and started a small but enterprising shop. Over the years, the shop grew and changed ownership several times. In 1884, Reinhold Boie bought the rights to the shop. BOTICA BOIE was established.

Much later though, ownership of Botica Boie was again passed to a group of prominent American and Filipino financiers who formed and organized Philippine American Drug Co. (PADCO). In 1918, the company became known as PADCO-BOTICA BOIE.

On May 22, 1948, Botica Boie Inc. was recognized as a corporation. Its main business activity was to wholesale and retail products manufactured by PADCO-BOTICA BOIE. During the same year PADCO-BOTICA BOIE was incorporated and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission under the name BOIE, INC. In 1963, PADCO’s manufacturing and agency activities were eventually absorbed by BOIE, INC., the name of the company was henceforth formally known.

Boie Incorporated was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on May 22, 1948. The Company’s primary purpose is to carry on and conduct a general wholesale of drug and medicine business to retail drugstores. The Company’s registered office address is at 6/F Sycamore Prime Building, cor. Buencamino St., Alabang-Zapote Rd., Muntinlupa City.

The Company’s authorized capital stock was P10M, and with a total paid-up capital of P9.66M. Cumulative retained earnings as of Dec. 31, 2011 were at P41.6M or a total stockholder’s equity of P51.3M. Boie has total assets of P118.6M gross sales of P107.4M and total manpower count of 99 as of December 2011.

In 1968, it entered into a joint venture with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited of Japan, primarily to engage in the importation of semi-finished pharmaceutical products and selling these products through promotion by medical representatives and distribution by pharmaceutical distributors. Boie-Takeda Chemicals, Inc., is 50% owned by Boie, Incorporated with registered address at 12th floor, Oledan Square, 6788 Ayala Avenue Makati City. Total Shareholders’ equity of Boie-Takeda Chemicals, Inc., as of March 31, 2011 was P161M.The book value of Boie’s 50% investment is P81M as of March 2011.

In 1998, Boie stopped its manufacturing operation and contracted out this function to Hizon, Laboratories. The Company focused its resources in the marketing and selling activities of drug and medicine products.

Boie Incorporated is a pharmaceutical company known for serving the Filipino families with quality products and services for 181 years. The company’s reputation in the industry is highly regarded since the time it joined the trade, earning for the company citations from different respected institutions.

In 2003, Boie was awarded as one of the Distinguished Enterprise of the Republic by the Chamber of Commerce of the Philippine Foundation Centennial (1903-2003). It was cited for its “173 years of strong commitment to bringing quality and affordable pharmaceutical products to the Filipino consumers and for its significant contribution to nation building through employment generation and wealth creation.”

BOIE was also awarded by the Department of Trade and Industry in October 1998 and was cited for its “pioneering venture over a century ago, staying on and surviving the challenges of the times, thus helping grow Philippine trade and industry to what it is today, and what it can be tomorrow.” DTI further cited BOIE for keeping faith in the future of the Philippines.

BOIE saw the country through its years of struggle for independence. It lived through two world wars, and witnessed the uphill battle of a new democratic nation slowly coming to life. BOIE is an imitable institution endowed with such wealth of history and tradition that a few other businesses in the Philippines can claim.

Today, competing mainly in the generics market, BOIE is able to prove that locally manufactured drugs can compete with the world’s best with respect to quality. The company takes pride that it is able to provide the public with safe, effective yet affordable alternatives to costly branded products, its way of extending the more-than-a-century of tradition touching the lives of Filipinos.



Ma. Cecilia A. Manahan
Antonio A. Climent
Maria Marta Ines A. Dayrit
Ramon Crisanto A. de los Reyes
Robert A. Velhagen
Mr. Antonio A. Climent
Maria Marta Ines A. Dayrit
Ma. Cecilia A. Manahan
Arsenio C. Cabrera Jr.

President & CEO
Corporate Secretary
Assistant Corporate Secretary

Banking Partners:

Banco De Oro
Bank of the Philippine Islands
Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co.
Premiere Development Bank
Tierra Nueva, Alabang Branch
New Alabang Branch (Alabang Town Center)
Madrigal Ayala Alabang Branch
Main Office, Magallanes cor Edsa, Makati City

We focus in addressing the short and long-term needs and concerns of independent drugstores by forging a partnership agreement with them and provide the following benefits:

  • Full Product Consignment
    This enables our partner drugstores to have quality products available in their shelves without the risks of inventory investment. We also assist in managing these consigned inventories of products to ensure their continuous supply and freshness.
  • Free Medical Consultation
    Once every three months, dedicated teams of doctors and Boie staff nationwide conduct this service in the premises of partner drugstores and prescribe Boie products thru “Buy One Take One” promotions scheme. This helps promote goodwill and patronage for our partner drugstores in their respective communities.
  • Drugstore Incentives/Support
    To further enhance our relationship with our partner drugstores and ensure sales of Boie products, we provide the following:

    • Payment of incentives to drugstore sales personnel per box sold thru our Box Top Redemption Program.
    • Monthly and year-end raffle draws for drugstore sales personnel giving away prizes such as cellphones, appliances and other useful items.
    • Payment of Annual Loyalty Reward in the form of rebates to drugstore owners (based on annual sales and anniversary month of partnership with Boie.)
    • Other kinds of drugstore support such as T-shirt uniforms, MIMS, price taggers, pouches, etc.
  • Alliance with Metro Drug, Inc.
    We have forged an alliance with MDI in order to provide Boie partner drugstores with more sales, profit and patronage opportunities thru an expanded product line and also to provide extended market reach, assured product availability and incremental sales to MDI principals who partner with us.
  • Current and Increasing Number of Alliance Partners
    To date the following Metro Drug principals have allied with Boie to distribute their top five products to partner drugstores nationwide:

    Hovid Philippines, Inc.
    Metro Pharma Philippines, Inc.
    Willore Pharma Corporation
    Winthrop Pharmaceuticals Philippines, Inc.
    Xeno Pharmaceuticals Philippines, Inc.
    One Pharma Company Inc.

Partner Suppliers:

Hizon Laboratories, Inc.
San Miguel Packaging Corp.
Anflo Interchemical Supply, Inc.
Empire Printing
Fastpak Logistics
Metro Drug, Inc.
Sumulong Hi-way, Antipolo City
Main Office, Ortigas
Quezon City
Malabon City
Parañaque City
Taguig City

Our Vision:

We commit ourselves to sell only quality and affordable drugs.

To the medical professionals, the patients whom they treat, and the pharmacists who dispense, we commit unequivocally this vision.

Our Mission:

To deliver quality and affordable drugs, we will develop our employees into quality teams by setting our goals together, by securing our raw materials only from companies known for their adherence to quality and integrity, and by hiring and keeping only those personnel who share our vision.

Our Corporate Values:

  • Self-Discipline and Initiative
    We are committed to do our work with self-discipline and initiative. We adhere to company policies and the code of conduct. We endeavor to be punctual at all times. We show our concern for the company’s resources by observing cost cutting measures whenever we can.
  • Commitment to Quality Performance
    We give our best to deliver quality performance. The Sales Force strives to consistently hit sales and collection targets and the back office support group strives to hit their Key Results Areas. It is our goal to deliver accurate and timely reports. We actively participate in the formulation and implementation of programs to improve operations.
  • Commitment to Quality Customer Service
    Quality customer service is our commitment. We seek to build lasting relationships to our internal and external customers, and strive not only to satisfy their needs, but to delight them. We are strong at pursuing service through after sales support to customers.
  • Harmony in Relationships
    We see harmony in relationships as important in getting our jobs done in the best possible ways we can. We foster a family orientation where each employee looks after the welfare of the other. We establish open and responsible communication and nurture relationships through pro-action and teamwork.
  • People Development
    We value people development. We coach, counsel and continuously train our employees through formal and informal means. We encourage our employees provide feedback on areas of improvement and involve them in decision making.
  • Integrity
    Integrity is associated with our company name. We expect our employees to be persons of integrity. Honesty is a virtue that we strongly uphold, it promotes positive work attitudes.
  • Flexibility
    We encourage our employees to be flexible. This will widen their horizons and make them well-rounded individuals.